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LIBR 240 – Final Project: Web Site

Information professionals in the 21st century are increasingly using the Web as a platform to facilitate information retrieval. This multi-page Web site was created for a library-focused Web design course and depicts a fictional library e-branch targeting the Taiwanese community. Built using hand coding and Dreamweaver Web design software for XHTML markup and CSS-controlled interface, as well as Photoshop for image manipulation, this site was designed for a Web 2.0 audience and integrates

  • embedded images, videos, and hyperlinks
  • use of Web 2.0 applications such as RSS feeds, chat, mashups, and podcasts
  • PHP form handler and JavaScript programs
  • databases built with XML and displayed with XSLT

Starry Night pathfinder

LIBR 210 – Final Project: Pathfinder

Pathfinders are tools created by reference or instruction librarians to help library users get started on exploring new topics or subject areas. Created for a reference and information services course, this online pathfinder introduces the public library user to backyard astronomy. It is written, organized, and formatted with the general public library audience in mind and includes

  • a selective and annotated list of useful sources
  • hints for conducting research on the topic
  • links back to the library OPAC
  • suggestions for additional activities and non-library information resources

Original Starr Beach Library website

CIM 243.1 and CIM 243.2 – Final Projects

These Web sites were created for community college courses teaching the use of Adobe Dreamweaver software in constructing and editing functional Web sites. They are the precursors of the sites listed above that were created for LIS courses at San Jose State University. The community college courses were taken concurrently with the SJSU ones but finished earlier. Although similar in content, the assignment requirements for these earlier sites focused solely on the technical and design aspects of Web design using Dreamweaver.



Original Starry Nights pathfinder

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