The How and Why of this Blog

AcropolisSo … how does someone who majored in history, with a focus in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, suddenly develop a yen to become a librarian?

Except for a brief sojourn teaching adult-level ESL near the beginning, I was in the retail sector for most of my working life. I don’t regret my retail experience one bit – I learned a lot and many of the skills I acquired, especially those related to customer service, are eminently suitable to the library profession. A few years ago, I was at a point in my life where I felt the need to give back something. The profit-oriented business of retail just wasn’t giving me much personal satisfaction any longer. After much research and introspection, I decided that librarianship was the way to go. When I informed my family and friends of this, the responses were almost identical – something along the lines of, “That is so perfect for you!” Three years (and many research papers) later, I received my degree in library and information science. With the book knowledge out of the way, I am now ready for real-world library work.

What will this blog be about? As an aspiring librarian, I hope to share my experiences working as a library assistant – what I’ve done and how these experiences will help me become the best librarian I can be. So the bad as well as the good will be explored. After all, professional development is also about learning from your mistakes! I will also post musings about other library-related topics.  If I can help someone else in the process of sharing my thoughts and experiences, all the better. What I’ve discovered during the last few years is that library professionals and paraprofessionals are incredibly willing to share their time and knowledge. And I hope to give back in kind.