Cloud Gate blog

Cloud Gate

Blogs and other social media can be useful tools for libraries to connect with their users. In fact, blogs have become widely used in libraries for marketing and outreach purposes. Cloud Gate is a WordPress blog created for a course project with the intent to share information that may be of interest to a targeted cultural group (in this case, the Taiwanese immigrant population). Some categories and postings include

  • information to help build community and share cultural heritage
  • Taiwan current events and weather news
  • useful cultural links

Although I have not kept up with the blog after completion of the course, it is my hope that one day I will be able to return to it to actively provide a useful resource to this community.

An Aspiring Librarian's Journal

An Aspiring Librarian’s Journal

This WordPress blog was started in anticipation of my internship at the Katie Wheeler Library as a way to fulfill the log requirement. However, since I also started working as a substitute librarian assistant at the Yorba Linda Public Library around the same time, I decided to merge the two experiences into this “journal.” The content of the blog describes my experiences and reflections

  • as an intern focused on collection development and reference services
  • as a substitute librarian assistant primarily working the reference desk in both the adult services and children’s services departments
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