A Day with the Kids

Spent six hours in children’s services today at YL, and it’s always like night and day up there when compared with adults! A bit noisier, to be sure, and livelier, too. I was surprised that most of the kids seem to know what book they want. They may not know the exact title, but they certainly know what they’re looking for. One young man asked me for “Magic Tree series #8.” Now, I’ve never heard of that series (I feel old!) and the child did not know the title. But a look through Mid-Continent Public Library’s terrific Juvenile Series and Sequels database got me the title of #8 in a jiffy. This database contains over 3,700 children’s series with the books listed in order, and seems to be updated frequently. I commend the staff over at Mid-Continent PL for maintaining this indispensable resource, which I know I’ll be using over and over!

YLPL children’s department also has a Discovery Dig “Play and Learn ” play island on loan for a few months, and I saw it today for the first time. It’s a small, interactive, museum-like exhibit that “encourage[s]  purposeful play in the public library.” The toy pieces “incorporate problem solving, sorting, sharing, early literacy skills, design and testing, and collaboration,” according to Rancho Cucamonga Library, which has four of these Play and Learn Islands™ islands. The kids are certainly drawn to the one we have here on loan and enjoy playing with it very much. It does add to the noise level, though!

I also spent the shift signing up many kids to the Winter Reading Club. It’s a reading program that allows children up to 8th grade to earn prizes after 5 hours of reading or finishing 15 books. They have three opportunities to earn these prizes, and the ones that came in to claim their prizes seem quite thrilled to get them. It’s also exciting and gratifying to see kids signing up for these kinds of programs. Love seeing them motivated to read! Traffic slowed down dramatically  after dinner time, and I spent time printing out colored signs and logging supplies that are to be taken to the Performers Showcase. Yep, these tasks, sometimes mundane, still need to be done. Hey, I learned to send color print jobs to the printer from our work station!

I still feel tentative up there in children’s. Although I am quite familiar with the children’s classics and books that I grew up with, I am unfamiliar with most of the  titles and series that are popular today. Working here will hopefully get me up to speed!

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